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Updated Wednesday April 12, 2017 by BTYFL.

BTYFL Player and Parent Rules and Reg's










The Belton Tiger Youth Football League (BTYFL) has the right to implement rules and policies deemed necessary to ensure smooth management and integrity of the program (Football).

1. Attendance in School: Any player absent from school should not be taking part in practice sessions/games. Head coaches and parents will judge individual cases, and participating in a practice or game will be up to the discretion of the parent/guardian.

2. Registration/Medical Forms: Each athlete must have a signed parental consent form on file in order to participate. All athletes are required to have medical approval prior to the first practice of the season.


1. Smoking, using smokeless tobacco, vaping, e-cigarettes, drinking alcoholic beverages and/or using drugs or narcotics of any kind is not permitted during any BTYFL events. This includes practices and games

2. Attendance at all practices and games is expected unless absence has the prior approval of the coach.

3. Vandalism, destruction, or theft of private/public property or BTYFL equipment is not permitted.

4. The following behaviors are unacceptable:

a. At any BTYFL event, practice or competition, any adult who: 1) verbally abuses: 2) attempts to intimidate: 3) is flagrantly rude, or 4) cannot control their language or actions with an official, coach, BTYFL volunteer or other spectators will be asked to leave the BTYFL event. He or she will receive a written warning regarding their behavior. His or her child(ren) will be immediately removed from the BTYFL event. Betting of any type is not allowed and will result in removal of the individual and his or her child(ren) will be immediately removed from the BTYFL event.

b. Any adult that commits a second similar offense will be banned from BTYFL events for the remainder of that season and their child(ren) removed from BTYFL for the remainder of that season. BTYFL Association will refund registration monies pro-rated based on the percentage of the regular season remaining.









c. Any adult who physically assaults an official, coach, BTYFL volunteer or other spectator (after local Law Enforcement is notified) will be banned from BTYFL and their child removed from the program for one year from the date of the offense. The child(ren) may not participate in another BTYFL Association during the sanction period.

After one year, the parent may apply for re-instatement of his or her child. If the adult commits a second offense, he or she will be permanently banned from BTYFL and the child(ren) permanently removed from BTYFL. The term physical assault includes, but not limited to, hitting, slapping, pushing, spitting, kicking, or striking in any way with any part of the body or any physical implement.



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